Printing services

Our printing services vary widely so as to accommodate most needs of our clients. We have invested heavily in the most up to date technologies so as to offer the best quality results at an affordable rate. We consider it vital to offer our client the latest innovations that will keep them as competitive as we are in their respective industries.
Printed materials still hold pride of place in the workplace and provide an effective means by which to promote your business. We offer both offset and digital printing services that can be used to create all manner of functional and promotional paper materials.
Below are a list of products that we can print using varying options including color, black and white, embossed, on demand and more. This list is just an indication of our most popular products so if you are interested in additional printed.....................

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Design Services

Having achieved great success with the designing of logos for businesses, we decided to expand into the online market where we have learned to develop dynamic and responsive sites for our clients. Our design team has a strong understanding of what online users and search engines find appealing when visiting sites and we strive to ensure they are fully satisfied with their online experience.
Web design is a highly important aspect of online marketing and should be carefully invested in. Whether you are using SEO strategies or PPC, we highly recommend hiring a professional to work on your site so as to achieve a highly polished look. Contact us and we will assign a design consultant that will work with your to achieve your desired goal.

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Mailing Services

Mailing campaigns still manage to generate a considerable amount of sales leads, but tend to be an overwhelming task for most business owners. We help take on this burden through our mailing services which allow for standardization when it comes to sending out whatever materials you want. We also undertake presorting of the mail to ensure that you enjoy the lowest cost possible when it comes to postage expenses.
We have the technology to also cater to clients needing to send out standardized letter with variable data, such as with invoices or receipts. We will work with you to compile the data so that our printers can complete the work accurately.
Our mailing service takes care of printing out addresses on envelopes, compiling envelope ...

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“This company has fast turnaround times and great customer support. I’ll definitely be recommending them” – Lashes by Lisa: Eyelash Extensions in Winnipeg

“We ran our first direct mail campaign with Humble, and it was a great success. They helped us plan, and design the campaign, and it went very smoothly.  We’ll definitely be working with them again” – MintyMaids: Cleaning Services in Winnipeg

“We recently needed informational material printed for a trade show and Humble Print and Fold did a fantastic job.  In addition to high quality printing and a very competitive price, they gave free advice on the design and layout of the materials. We’re very pleased and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or use them in the future.” – Powertec Electric Inc – Winnipeg Electrician Company

What Printing Services Bring to the Table

Today, many people seem to think that if they hire a printing service to do a job for them that all of the work is being sent to a big factory filled with machines and in some cases, that is true, but there are also smaller companies that still have actual people working for them. Of course they will still use machines and printers operated by electricity, but a lot of the energy that goes into the printing getting done is donated by the workers. Hiring a printing service company can make your life much easier and keeps smaller businesses running as well.

Printing services have so much to offer. They are able to design all of your marketing materials for you, which is seriously beneficial, unless of course you are a designer yourself and have an amazing design already created. A printing service is able to take the design from a computer screen or even a piece of paper and get it to the press. Plus, the designer for the printing service is already familiar with their press shop’s equipment so that is a time safer as well.

You will be able to get so many things printed by a printing service. You can get your business cards, flyers, shirts, coffee mugs, lanyards, posters and so much created with ease. All of these items are great ways for you to get the word out there and market your business even better. Your clients, as well as potential clients will see products you’ve had made to promote your company and they’ll know you mean business. Plus, they’ll appreciate the free gifts as well.

Today, printing services are able to operate easily because they have good people working with them and high quality equipment operating solely on electricity. If you’ve been looking to get something made to promote yourself or your business, hire a printing service and take all of the stress out of getting your products created.